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Our Process

Renovation - Step by Step

Our Process

A step-by-step guide through the renovation process

Step One: Design
The first and most critical component is design. This allows us to thoroughly work through your project on paper and began to think through all potential problems that we may encounter. This is also the time where we will work together and make product selections for new light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc. We will create a set of plans and a 3d rendering that we can use to apply for permits and guide our team to work efficiently.

Step Two: Demolition
The second step is demolition. We will temporarily place a dump trailer in the driveway to easily remove debris from your home. A plastic barrier will be set up around all work areas to keep dust contained. Once demolition is complete, the dump trailer will be removed from the property to try and maintain a clean worksite.

Step Three: Rough In
The third step is plumbing, electrical, and HVAC rough-ins. This step is preformed by our talented team of trade partners. We will carefully lay out the location of all the new fixtures and our team will run all new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC to support the new items selected during the design process.

Step Four: Framing
We will reframe any walls according to plans. There may also be blocking added for hanging cabinets, electronics, shelving, etc. This will also be the phase where any structural changes will be made if required.

Step Five: Insulation and Drywall
During the fifth step we really start to see the space take shape again. All of the rough-ins will be covered up with the proper insulation and the drywall gives us a clean start for the new finishes.

Step Six: Cabinetry
Once drywall has been applied it give us a surface to mount our cabinets. We have meticulously measured during the design phase to ensure the proper cabinetry has been ordered for a quick and efficient installation. We use special clamps and tools that allow us to properly align our cabinet face frames and make for straight and level cabinet runs.

Step Seven: Flooring
All flooring materials selected are now installed during step seven. After flooring installation, the base shoe will be installed to close the gap between the flooring and baseboard.

Step Eight: Paint
The most important part of step eight is prep. Prep includes filling all nail holes, caulking millwork, and installing protection to areas that should not be in contact with paint. Once prep is complete all the millwork will be sprayed with the appropriate paint. When millwork is fully cured, the walls and ceiling will be painted.

Step Nine: Finals
Finals include the installation of all plumbing and electrical fixtures. This also includes a detailed walk through to ensure every detail is complete.

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